Even more avant-garde with bright neon accents?

One of the big trends from last year are chunky, avantgarde sneakers from luxury brands like Balenciaga and Louis Vuitton. The former became famous for its Triple S sneaker and later followed it up with the Track sneaker.

Without a doubt, the Track (and Track.2) sneakers are the craziest designs from the Luxury house with its complex, multi-layer upper and an extra chunky midsole. The Track.2 already came with a number of colorways, and this upcoming one is loud with neon yellow and silver accents gracing the sneaker’s dominant beige upper.

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If you are into luxury chunky sneakers, you can pre-order the upcoming Track.2 colorway here for $895(~Php 45.5k). Curious about the Track.2? Check out our feature below:


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