A couple of years ago, illustrator Bea Araneta–otherwise known on Instagram as neonsplitz, was discovered by streetwear retail giant The Hundreds and got to illustrate for them. If you check her work, you’ll see why: it fits street fashion like a glove, probably because streetwear is Bea’s go-to style.

As an artist, her illustrations are colorful, cute, and bubbly, but also very tasteful and classy. Her work showcases the attention to detail done behind the scenes and how everything is carefully crafted.

“I’m mostly influenced by street culture such as hip hop and graffiti, so I carry a lot of heavily-inked illustrations, plus my early exposure with Japanese Anime and Manga got me drawing all the way. Artists like KAWS, Futura and Takeshi Obata are one of my greatest influences in art,” she explains.

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Her work is out globally, once again, through another fashion giant, Mishka, and as of this writing, the cap is sold out.

“I was discovered more than 6 years ago by Greg Mishka through Instagram when I made a fan art of Mishka, and he told me that I could work for him someday. Thus, this project came along, which I feel blessed to have gotten, because it definitely fitted my style!” she shares. “The collab was more of unicorn inspired x Mishka design and I had fun with it because the team told me to go all out with the colors!”



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