The 9-piece OPM band, Ben & Ben, continues their unstoppable momentum by winning over new fans with each release. The band is known for its unique folk-inspired style, relatable lyrics, and artistry that puts them into a league of their own. This is the very reason why no one can escape a heartfelt Last Song Syndrome (LSS) that lasts for days on end for every hit song they release. The band’s winning streak continues with their newly released single, “Upuan”, which came out last Friday, May 7.


The song embodies all the elements that have made Ben & Ben successful while still feeling fresh and different at the same time. The song was written and produced by Ben&Ben, co-produced and mixed by Jean Paul Verona, and mastered by Leon Zervos. Despite being in the midst of a pandemic the band’s creativity hasn’t been stifled as they recorded the song in their home studio with the help of Verona and sound engineer Sam Marquez.

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Staying true to their artistry, the song starts with psychedelic and trippy instrumental intro which contrasts the message of the song. That’s what Ben & Ben continues to champion — the ability to balance melodies and beats to contrasting lyrical messages. The band was also heavily inspired by their surroundings, specifically by nature around the house where they all currently reside in. If you listen carefully, you will hear the sounds of crashing waves and leaves rustling in the wind, which makes this a perfect summer song as well.

Upuan” serves as introspection to the blurred lines and the romantic tensions of friendship. It’s happened to everyone – we’ve always had that one friend that sat beside us that we found ourselves questioning our feelings for, if they were really just friends or if they were something more. The song transports us through time and gives us a sense of nostalgia as well as speaks the truth of our current circumstances.

Currently, Ben & Ben has released several singles, EPs, and one album, Limawasa Street. “Upuan” serves as the first song which will be part of their 2nd album which they are currently working on. They have also released another single this week, entitled Magpahinga, which will also in their next album. We don’t have an official release date yet for the album but for now, “Upuan” along with all of Ben &Ben’s earlier releases will have to do as we wait in anticipation for more from the band. Listen to the ‘This is Ben & Ben’ Playlist on Spotify.

Watch the lyric video Ben & Ben “Upuan”, below.



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