She’s All That (1999) is the definition of a teenage movie classic. Feels? Check. Swoon-worthy moves? Check. Comedy? Also, check. It’s one of the quintessential 90’s romcoms ever made, and it’s no surprise that Netflix is making a new movie based on it, titled He’s All That. As for the twist, well, the title alone should clue you in what that is.

The male underdog, Cameron Kweller, will be played by Tanner Buchanan. The school’s Queen B, Padgett Sawyer, on the other hand, will be played by TikTok Star Addison Rae. Photo from Netflix.

The new version of the 90’s flick that starred Freddie Prinz Jr. and Rachel Lee Cook is still penned by the original writer, R. Lee Fleming. The new movie, He’s All That will be directed by Mark Waters, the same director responsible for many of your favorite teen comedy films like Mean Girls, Just Like Heaven, and Freaky Friday.

He’s All That’s male nerd/loser this time around is Cameron Kweller, played by Tanner Buchanan, someone that Cobra Kai fans will instantly recognize. On the other hand, the school’s Queen B, Padgett Sawyer, will be played by TikTok Star Addison Rae. Rachel Leigh Cook will also make an appearance, now as the mom of Padgett Sawyer.

Guy smiling at girl
Throwback to the original 1999 poster!

We’re certainly excited for the gender-swapped version of a gem from our childhood if only to see how exactly the director pays homage to this timeless classic. Check out the original trailer for the movie below:

He’s All That debuts on Netflix on August 27. If you’re looking for more 90s classics check out, The Best ’90s Films On Netflix in 2021.

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