Maximum flex time!

While it will take a while before we can go to a gym for workouts, the best option right now is to work out at home. Aside from following online fitness tutorials from fitness influencers, building your own home gym is also a must to make the most out of your stay-at-home workouts.

Since we are all about hype in this site, we curated several products that will let you work out AND flex at the same time at home:

Dumbbells from Louis Vuitton

What’s the best kind of flex when doing exercises involving dumbbells? A pair of luxe dumbbells from Louis Vuitton! Both weighing 3KG, these dumbbells come with lustrous metal and signature LV monogram on the premium leather handles.

At 1850 Euros(~Php 102.5k), these dumbbells are the ultimate kind of flex for your home gym.

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Jump rope from Louis Vuitton

You can also flex the monogram with your jump rope exercises with this jump rope from Louis Vuitton. Like the dumbbells, the jump rope has LV’s trademark monogram leather for its handles, along with a durable cord rope.

This luxe jump costs 455 Euros(~Php 25.3k) and it is currently out of stock in LV’s online store in Europe.

Yoga Mat from OFF-WHITE

If you want to meditate or do your planks while still being fly, this OFF-WHITE yoga mat is for you. Decked in black, this yoga mat has OFF-WHITE’s iconic branding monogrammed all throughout this surface. This Virgil-approved gym piece will cost you.$240(~Php 12.2k).

Boxing bag from Supreme x Everlast

Need to blow off steam through boxing? This boxing bag from Supreme’s collab with Everlast should do the trick. Dressed in classic red, this boxing bag as both Supreme and Everlast’s logos on it. Good luck in finding one, as one seller is selling two of them for $20,000(~Php 1.01m).

Boxing gloves from Supreme x Everlast

Your boxing sesh is not complete without boxing gloves right? Supreme and Everlast also made boxing gloves too. Like the boxing bag, the gloves are decked in red and have both logos from Supreme and Everlast. Unlike the boxing bag, however, you can get the gloves in blue and black. They are rare Supreme pieces like the boxing bag, so expect to pay around 3600 Euros(~Php 199.6k) if you happen to come across a pair.

Exercise mat from Supreme x Everlast

If boxing is not your thing, and you prefer an exercise mat for your workouts instead, Supreme and Everlast did release a padded exercise mat. This one is foldable and is dressed in red with a large Supreme branding adorning it. From afar, the exercise mat looks like a huge BOGO, making it a great gym piece for some hypebeast flexin’.

Current StockX prices for the Supreme x Everlast Exercise Mat is around $345(~Php 17.5k)


Water Bottles from OFF-WHITE x Evian and Supreme X Nalgene

You will need to hydrate a lot in-between workouts and after a fitness sesh. What’s better than a typical water bottle? A hypebeast water bottle from OFF-WHITE or Supreme. The OFF-WHITE x Evian water bottle is made out of glass and comes in six colors—perfect for storing your smoothies. 

The Supreme x Nalgene water bottle, on the other hand, can store around a liter of water and comes with a neoprene sheath, making it ideal for being your water bottle of choice while you are busy going beast mode with your circuit training.

The OFF-WHITE x Evian glass bottle will cost you 45 Euros(~Php 2.5k), while the Supreme x SIGG aluminum bottle is being sold in StockX for $55(~Php 2.8k).


Towels from OFF-WHITE

You’ll be sweaty as heck after a workout, and these plush towels from OFF-WHITE should keep you sweat-free and fresh. The set of two will cost you 130 Euros (~Php 7.3k)

That wraps up our picks for building the most hypebeast home gym. Are there other hypebeast home gym items we missed out? Let us know in the comments section below.


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