New shirt from One One’s Own

In a world where people struggle to be connected and accepted, Filipino streetwear brand On One’s Own is making a statement by embracing individuality and independence by announcing their new XLMB (Don’t Leave Me Behind) collection. One of the core pieces is a high quality black cotton shirt with the text “Don’t Leave me Behind” at the front. “Don’t” is boldy crossed out.

Be it work, love, or business, the XLMB man is relentless and will always create his own path,” said Lester Samson, founder of On One’s Own.

For the rebel, maven, and non-conformist

XLMB drops this July with the shirt selling for 700PHP.

On One’s Own is best known for their Pheasant Tee line which was worn by the trio of Raf Davis My$terio, and Nico Makino in their music videos. Several of those videos have already raked in millions of views on YouTube.

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You can follow On One’s Own for future releases on their Facebook Page.


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