Champion is an American manufacturer of sportswear that was founded in 1919. Through the years, the brand has formed a strong reputation for quality sports jerseys, specifically basketball, being the official outfitter of the National Basketball Association from 1989-2001.

Although as the sports landscape has continued to change, the list of sports has continued to lengthen. Despite the ongoing debate, many fans consider video game competitions a true sport, and so does Champion.

With their newest Gamer Collection, Champion delivers specially designed Zip Hoodies (~Php 4.4k), Pullover Hoodies (~Php 3.9k), and Sweatpants (~Php 2.5k) for better performance. In an interview with David Robertson, Director of global brand management of Champion, he said:

“We wanted to create an unofficial uniform for gamers that modernizes the classic hoodie and recognizes that they are athletes with distinctive needs for their sport,”

If you’re one who wants to combine the comfort of your favorite hoodie with your gaming experience, this is the perfect solution. The Gamer Collection hoodie has several features specifically designed for the sport of gaming including an oversized hood (perfect for fitting your headphones), narrow sleeves and specialized rib cuff (to prevent the sleeves from sliding down), and several pockets (to hold gadgets like your phone and controller). Aside from these unique features, both the hoodie and sweatpants incorporates the use of fleece fabric to limit odor (very important!).

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Lastly, to add a bit of style, the hoodies have a velcro patch system found on the chest and shoulder allowing you to customize your outfit. Whether you’re a pro gamer and want to put your team and sponsor logos or a casual fan wanting to rep your favorite team, you’ll be able to do so!

Are you thinking of copping a piece from the collection? Head over to Champion’s Website to order your newest gear!


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