Recently, Dior has been able to penetrate streetwear culture through their collaboration with Nike for one of the most iconic silhouettes, the Air Jordan 1. The products of this collaboration are a low and high sneaker that goes for upwards of $6,000 and $9,000 respectively.

Are the Diordan 1s worth the Investment?

This time around, Dior will not be partnering up with another established brand to penetrate the skating world. Instead, they let creative director Kim Jones imagine a lux skate shoe with the Dior B27.

The Dior B27 is the marriage of luxury and skate as it’s crafted with premium materials but boast a skate-centric design. For sneakerheads and skaters out there, this latest silhouette may look familiar. The overall aesthetic and form draw parallels to the well-renowned Nike SB Dunk Low. Dior delivers the B27 in both a high-top and low-top coming in black, white, and grey.

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Dior B27 Black

Dior B27 White

Dior B27 Grey

All three iterations feature Dior’s iconic monogram pattern on the quarter panel for that signature Dior look. The pairs are scheduled to release on October 30 via Dior’s Website and select retail locations. The sneakers are yet to receive an official price tag, so stay tuned to Dior’s Website for more information.

What are your thoughts on the luxury skate sneaker? Let us know in the comments below! To check out Dior’s last hype project, read this article on whether or not the Diordan 1s worth the Investment.


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