One of our favorite local streetwear brands, Wednesday, recently announced the release of their new ‘Together’ tie-dye tees. With designs inspired by 3Star and Kita, these hand-dyed and colorful clothing pieces go deeper than fashion.

Also for a good cause, Wednesday mentioned that half of its profit for these tees will be donated to the families in Andrea’s (@yo_itsme666) community who have been affected by the current situation due to the coronavirus.

Image via Wednesday’s Facebook

Raniel, one of the people behind Wednesday, also shared the background and message behind the new ‘Together’ tees. Originally scheduled to release back in January, the team were more able and free to release it in the past month. With everything happening in our country and around the world, the ‘Together’ tees and its message hold a lot of weight. This new release reminds us that if we were to stand together, the best time to do so would be now.

The people behind Wednesday / Image via Wednesday’s Facebook

Raniel also shared a new post, elaborating on the stories of those behind Wednesday and the people close to them. The ‘Together’ tees also convey the message that solidarity with people that you love and trust can lead to great change.

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Wednesday has always been pro-active and vocal with the issues that we have been facing. As an avid fan of the brand, I do not only see them as a local streetwear brand but I also see them as a movement. They have always been a representative voice that inspires you to learn more about what’s going on in the world and how you can take action.

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Image via Wednesday’s Facebook

If you’re interested in copping the ‘Together’ tees, you can get them for Php 600 by messaging the brand on their Facebook or Instagram pages. For decades, it is through fashion that we convey important messages and show our support. Owning a piece of Wednesday’s ‘Together’ tees will allow you to do just that. Moreover, it will even give you the chance to help families in need.

With all the things happening in our world today, it’s always great to find a brand that keeps you informed just like Wednesday does. We’ll definitely keep our eyes open for more local streetwear brands that go through lengths beyond fashion, and are unafraid to dive into deeper waters.



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