Taking inspiration from vintage metal band shirts

One of the many effects of the COVID-19 pandemic is the cancellation of all public events. That includes a number of our favorite concerts from both local and foreign artists. While live concerts will definitely change after the pandemic is over, upstart Pinoy clothing brand This World is Not Safe—TWINS for short—imagines something different: what if Corona is not a virus, but a death metal band that is on a worldwide tour?

This is what TWINS came up with their first shirt. As an upstart brand, TWINS wants to distinguish itself from other local brands by incorporating past imagery with their own commentary with what is happening to the world today—specifically with how these events affect Filipinos here and abroad.

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Their Corona tee is inspired by death metal bands and has a stylized Corona branding on both front and back. Sticking to the world tour theme, the back of the shirt has a layout that lists down countries affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. The shirt comes in black, which is the de facto color for most band tees.

If you are interested in this unique (and timely) tee, TWINS is selling them until May 31 for Php 666 (yes, you read that right). You can order by sending a DM to their Facebook page.


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