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The message is the medium, and the medium is the message

The almighty shirt is the best way to show the world what someone is about. It’s an extension of one’s persona and through time and tide, that fact never changes.

Oftentimes, you have to dig deep and see through the bad. The shirt is indeed a powerful medium, as it can carry strong messages that can bring the onlooker to give thought and decide for him or herself.

Older brands like Freshjive and The Hundreds from the U.S. have been instrumental in turning their products into loud bullhorns for relevant messages through their shirts. Love it or leave it, that hardcore/punk rock state of mind is appealing.

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The Daily Grind X KLTRD Collab

Enter KLTRDone of the most revered and respected brands in the local streetwear scene. For their upcoming release, they come strong with a shirt so simple, yet so impactful with a message that’s open to interpretation.

A couple of KLTRD’s past releases.

The said shirt—dubbed as DAY 0—is based on today’s quite desperate times. Reality-based and never sugarcoated, KLTRD is known for releases that carry strong meaningful slogans as you would have from a groundbreaking lyric or line.

Open to interpretation. Dropping this June.

“Our current situation, confusion, and poor response to control the situation made us think more about how we can face this new era. Stay tuned because we tried preparing surprises and unexpected releases until the year ends.”

“We didn’t rest while we are on a break, we used that as a fuel to light that fire.”

KLTRD co-owner Mong Feliciano hosts QUARANTIMES, a nightly live program that features conversations with artists and brand owners. He has also directed too many MV’s for today’s hottest hip-hop artists like OWFVCK, Batas, and more.

Quarantimes, streaming nightly over at Mong Feliciano’s FB page.

KLTRD was also featured in our Top Filipino Streetwear Brands to Love. The said release will drop sometime this June and is a definite cop. Visit the webstore here.


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