Filipino sneakerheads are a different breed. Based on our obsession for basketball, sneakers and fashion, we definitely tend to be noticed by the global community as one of the most notorious. Take into consideration the numerous sneaker/streetwear events that have been organized here and a lot more, not to mention our flagbearer collectors like Bigboy Cheng, who keep making the rounds in sneaker pages as well as social media.

But then, female sneakerheads are definitely getting their share of the limelight as well. Our good Filipina friend Janine Abrenilla AKA Styleis Aweapon boasts of a collection that ranges from vintage, to modern releases and her fits are so well thought of that you’d think she’s a stylist, or has one at bay. She’s a definite natural.

When it comes to her collection, she knows what’s up as well. Her Jordans, her Dunks, her sneaker shelf will leave your jaws dropping and your sneaker craving validated to the max!

Fresh from her latest Jordan Women’s Moto Collection campaign, we’ve managed to talk to her and get the lowdown on her fiery sneaker collection, her chosen lifestyle, and her humble beginnings as well. Enjoy!

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First of all, can you tell us about yourself? Who is Styleis Aweapon besides the sneakers? 

LOL! Outside the sneaker game I’m really just a laid back person. I’m a mom and family is everything to me. Not much to say really because I’m a very private person. not like it but I really am.

Her Air Max Collection is fire as well.

That Jordan Women’s Moto Collection campaigned by you, is absolutely a treat and a Filipino first! How did that come about? Can you share with us your favorites from the collection? 

Yeah totally! It was really awesome to be one of the three women in The US who were tapped to be a part of that campaign for Jordan Brand.

Janine wears the Jordan Moto Fleece Tops and Jordan Moto Pants        

With so many influencers all over the world, it felt good to be a Filipina and show the world we got it too! The Jordan Women’s Moto Collection was pretty dope!

The entire collection spoke to me. I totally dig the colors, the details, and the fit! One of my faves from the collection is the joggers! Those are must-haves! The black and white hoodie, the button-down racing shirt, and the jumpsuit!

I felt like the designer behind this collection understood the women he was dressing and he really nailed it! I’d totally grab those fits if I happen to see them in the store!

We see that you are a total fiend for Jordan 1’s, can you share with us how your affinity for this particular shoe come about?

So I think it came in as a shock for my new followers on Instagram when I mentioned in my interview that I’ve only been collecting 1s for about three years now.

I started in March 2017. You could fairly say that’s a tad too short for such a huge collection. 3 years ago, if you would tell me I’d have this much of a collection I’d probably think you’re crazy although I’m forever a shoe lover and have so many shoes.  

The epic climb to Mount Air Jordan

The fact is, I’ll move to a different city and leave 100 pairs or more and still end up having 100-200 more pairs. Nonetheless, I never really thought 1s would fit me because I’m very fussy with how clothes or stuff fit.

I tend to go for classic silhouettes in just about anything. I love timeless classics as opposed to some random hypebeast stuff that will eventually go out of style.

Nothing but iconic.

Although I’ve seen 1s and know it’s been there for a long time, I didn’t try the AJ1 highs because I always thought it will make me look short.

It’s funny because I’m a huge Chicago Bulls fan – MJ, Rodman, Pippen (in that order lol) I grew up in the 90s but didn’t really cross my mind I would wear what MJ wears much more that I’d be so obsessed with it.

Choose your year.

So fast forward when I finally got my first pair back in March 2017 I felt like a fool for not even trying on a pair all those years. Originally, I just wanted to complete all the retro colorways in my size and it just snowballed from there.

 I guess the saying “if the shoe fits, buy it in every color” is kinda my story.

Your fits are so well put together! How do you come up with your look on a particular day! Do you plan ahead or is it a more spontaneous thing? 

I don’t really plan LOL does someone really plan? I really go by instinct and of course dress for the weather. I live in Chicago so the weather can go four seasons in a week!

In a nutshell, I like no brainer fits. Nothing avant-garde or over the top. I like keeping symmetry in colors and silhouettes. I also like playing with layers and textures when I go for a simple monotone look.

Name us The Top 5 Jordans closest to your heart. Feel free to cite a background story for each… 

Chicagos – My first pair of AJ1 Highs. Very iconic. This colorway really grew on me by ten folds. I have collected the various years for this colorway from 1985 up to the present.

Royals – My first love. I have a strong affinity for blue and I can’t think of any logical reason why but I’ve always been drawn to that color. In March 2017 when I started, I just really wanted to get this pair but it wasn’t releasing until April 2017 so the Chicagos came first while waiting for the royals to release. The rest is history.

Can you say OG game strong?

Shadows – My first pair of 1s is the Shadow lows. in my opinion, this colorway is a very practical and versatile colorway. It’s a must-have for me.

1985 Natural Grey – This pair is a unicorn, especially in my size. I’ve seen so many other pairs but nothing compared to this specific pair in my collection. It was almost like it went through cryogenesis. no cracking or crumbling. Not even retouched, it was just beautifully preserved through time.

Air Jasmine 1s – This pair was made for MJs daughter and was not released to the public–very few pairs were made not sure how many. The story of how  I got it is really one for the books that didn’t expect it at all. See: in the sneaker game, you can have money and own a sample pair no sweat.  
The Air Jasmine 1 Samples… on point.

But getting a sample pair from Jordan Brand speaks volumes for me. I really had an emotional moment. Even more when Jasmine herself followed me back and messaged me through Instagram! That was really what’s up for me! Super stoked about that.

Samples above all.

One thing that makes up your feed is the mystery that you exude by being almost faceless. Does that come from an artsy background or it just organically happened?

It just organically happened. My Instagram has been there since 2012. My page was private until 2017. Back then, my page was like a snap of all my travels in different parts of the world. It has been my creative outlet- a lil’ extension of my creative expression. Although I’ve always been very committed and passionate about whatever I pursue, I never really expected my page to grow and get to where it is now really. So it’s really humbling. I’m utterly grateful to everyone who’s rooting for me.

Ever had a Jordan 1 picnic?

What is that one shoe that you can’t get your mitts on lately? 

LOL, a damn a lot!! But there’s 2 that I can’t say because I’m still bidding on them. If anything, it’ll probably be my biggest splurge! I’m really not too happy paying resell but it is what it is.

The OFF-WHITE J1 Trifecta

 8. Can you leave us a message for the Filipino Sneaker community? Drop us some empowering bars!

I’m not very good with words and often catch myself rambling so I’ll just say this in Filipino. Sa mga kaibigan ko, Maraming salamat po sa inyong lahat na sumusuporta sa page ko sa instagram at sa FB!

Maging proud tayo na tayo ay Pinoy! Sa mga amigo nko na bisaya! daghang salamat mga bai! Ipadayon nato pagsuporta sa mga pareho nato Pinoy! Dli nato ika ulaw ang ato pagka pinoy! Ato ni bai!

Thank you!! follow me on Instagram @styleisaweapon


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