In this diverse local streetwear scene of ours, there will always be brands who are willing to take the extra mile in making themselves unique. Some resort to loud branding and statements and colors yet there are those who let the fit do the talking. 

Enter SUOT, a brand that harps strong on baggy clothing. Comfortable as it is stylish, their pieces remind us of the 90’s era where baggier is better. Mixing that with Filipino elements and influences, their products should be checked out and rocked. Perfect for the bistering hot weather! 

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We caught Karl of SUOT to let us in on the brand, its influences and their future plans. Read on and enjoy!

What is it about baggy clothing that made you want to create your own twist to it?

I like how baggy clothing give off this relaxed vibe.The organic way your outfit flows whenever you move feels great, if that makes any sense.

Comfortability is key, but I didn’t want it to look like you’re just putting on clothes two sizes too big. It has to be oversized but in a way that is aesthetically pleasing.

Your mix of local and the street aesthetic is tastefully done, care to drop some knowledge on how your creative process goes?
First, I find something I wanna wear but isn’t readily available in the style I like. Then I make a draft of how I can turn this contemporary piece of clothing into one that fits my taste.

I pick mostly neutral colors so every garment that’s released can be incorporated into any outfit. I’m not too big on logos/prints – I think color coordination and proportion is essential to pulling off a great look.
You can say it’s me producing clothes for myself and I just happen to make a few more for people who’ll dig it haha. You gotta create what you love because that translates to people when they see your product.

We see the strong 90’s influence can you drop your style and brand icons partly responsible in making SUOT what it is now?

Japanese streetstyle is a heavy influence on SUOT. I’m a fan of their cool and laid back take on fashion. They have this sense of identity when it comes to dressing up and so I wanted to instill those qualities into SUOT.

A few brands I admire are Sillage, Nepenthes and Studio Nicholson – All from Japan. Anglan from Korea is awesome too, as well as Workware from Hong Kong.

Check them out on IG!

Your Nilalang necklaces look interesting. Can you share with us a backstory about it?
I decided to make handcrafted necklaces for the brand before moving on to clothing. NILALANG was the first piece I made for SUOT.

I didn’t just want to buy and put together beads and strings, I wanted to create something unique.

So I tried different knots and designs until I got one that resembled a humanoid figure. It reminded me of the Anito and how it reflected our ancestry so I stuck with the design.
NILALANG can mean ‘created’ or ‘creature’, which both describes the necklace.

We at This Is Hype love sneakers, drop us 5 sneakers that would go well with your baggy style.
Any kind of sneakers would go well with our clothes, but here are some of my personal favorites:

– New Balance 990v3
– Asics Gel-Kayano series
– Excelsior Bolt
– Nike Air Force 1
– Mizuno Wave Rider 10

There was a time that everyone loathed the baggy style and now it’s back again. Can you share us an insight on why baggy clothing got on the streetwear radar again?
I think what greatly contributed to baggy clothing coming back to the mainstream are style icons from the UK and Korea.

Fashion trends are usually started by designer brands and celebrities. With all the influence they have, it’s not unusual for people to get on the wave when they see their favorite artists/brands sporting a style.

In the face of the new normal, can you share how your brand is adjusting to it? Any products that are direct results of it?
I go to the supplier myself to make sure I get the right stuff, so sourcing fabric and other materials is definitely a challenge.

Nothing much has changed when it comes to interacting with our customers since SUOT operates online. The main difference is that we don’t have meetups at the moment. All orders are shipped out.

I planned on making reusable cloth masks but a lot of brands are doing that already. I might consider releasing some provided I find the proper materials.

Messages to your followers? Shoutouts?

The feedback has been amazing. I wanna thank everyone for supporting SUOT. We’ll continue to put out quality pieces for ya’ll.

Speaking of which, we’re launching our second collection on June 13 so keep your eyes peeled.

Teasers for the incoming SUOT collection

Check out SUOT on their Facebook and Instagram pages.

All Photos by Robert C. Pabiling for SUOT. 


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