If This World is Not Safe’s debut tee caught your attention, you might want to check out their second collection. Staying true to its brand essence, This World is Not Safe’s Terrorized Terrorist Collection gives a strong message to the things happening in the Philippines and around the world.

The Flag Tee is a mock-up of a flag with a provocative logo, which is an indirect reference to the ongoing spat at West Philippine Sea.

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The second tee, which is called Trash Peace, is a reflection of how peace is threatened by current events both here and the Philippines.

The third shirt, which is a parody of Anti Social Social Club’s famous tee, is a reference to how the proposed Anti-Terror Bill has drawn mixed opinions especially with how it can greatly affect the country.

This World is Not Safe will be selling all three tees online on June 12, 3:33pm for Php 666.



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