Ready for another emotional sound trip? Filipino singer-songwriter Clara Benin first stole the hearts of Filipinos in 2017 when she released Parallel Universe, a hearbreaking song on what ifs and past love. The music of 27-year-old Clara has an dreamlike quality that epitomizes the universe of “silent feelings” or the thoughts that rarely make it outside the walls of our heads. This is reflected in the mellow, soft sound of her tracks as well as her soulful vocals. As of this writing, Parallel Universe has more than 6.4 million streams on Spotify.  Fast forward to the present and where Clara has just dropped another emotional offering entitled blink. What makes this release so exciting is that is under OFFMUTE, a new label under Sony Music Asia, focusing on South East Asian grassroot talent. Other artists under the OFFMUTE are Malaysia’s Liesl-Mae and Indonesian newcomer Mezzaluna.

Join us as we take a closer look at this new addition to our playlist.

Clara Benin

Clara Benin Shares Intimate and Moving Memories 

Blink takes us into a rollercoaster of memories that include peaceful, turbulent, and traumatic ones.

“I had a series of sleepless nights just recollecting and reliving different times of my life,” the folk-pop artist shares in a statement. “…I didn’t really understand why these memories were resurfacing in my head. Writing ‘blink’ just helped me resolve these thoughts.” said Benin

The song features gifted multi-instrumentalist Gabba Santiago on drums and electronic musician The Ringmaster on production duties. Breathing so much life into the song, both Gabba and The Ringmaster display unassuming brilliance with subtlety and character—all while giving Benin’s voice an opportunity to flutter and soar. This is why compared to Tila or Parallel Universe, musically, blink has a lighter vibe and funner approach that makes it a perfect track to play while having your breakfast coffee. Noticeably, the rhythm is faster and there are more percussions in the background. The instrumentals balance the intimate aspect of the lyrics, so instead of making you emotional, somehow it generates a good mood.

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Listen to Filipino Singer Clara Benin on Spotify 

We believe that this kind of sound has an spot in the international stage and we’re excited for Clara to go even further this 2022. Like this song by Filipino Clara Benin? Listen to the track yourself and tell us that you think! Check these ather releases as well: This Is Hype’s Best In Music For 2021 (Original Filipino Music)

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