2022 is looking very bright on the streetwear front. Definitely one of the most anticipated collabs for this year is the announcement of a collaboration between Ye and Demna—which translates to a collaboration between Yeezy, GAP, and Balenciaga.

This for sure will set the standard on where high-end streetwear will be headed for the coming months. Imagine Yeezy, GAP and Balenciaga teaming up as one? If that’s not a giant triple collab then we don’t know what is.

An Organic Turn of Events 

Demna (AKA Demna Gvasalia), the Creative Director for Balenciaga, was also involved in ​​DONDA, Ye’s 10th album, as the creative director for the said album’s Atlanta and Chicago launches. To see that dynamic applied to GAP can push the erstwhile forgotten brand further into the consciousness of snobby streetwear consumers everywhere.

Demna and Ye have been friends for a long time. They’ve worked together, they’ve hung out together for almost a decade, at this point. They’ve had this particularly close, very public friendship and creative partnership over the past year, working together in all of these pretty unorthodox ways. His listening party this past summer in Atlanta that was creative-directed by Demna felt really unprecedented for both of them. It felt inevitable that somehow they would find a way to work together.”

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Announced last Friday through a picture of the contracts involving YEEZY, GAP and Balenciaga via Ye’s account, the first drop is reportedly coming out in June and another one later in the year.

Allow us to let you in on our imagination on the top 5 items we’d love to see from this collection.

Skate Shoes 

Of course, with the obvious YEEZY DNA involved, it would be a sight to see if the three come up with a skate shoe of their own. Now that Travis Scott is taking a little breather, we’d like to see Kanye have a go at it.

The rapper has been known to rock Vans at some point so he definitely has some knowledge. GAP we believe can participate in mass production and availability while Balenciaga is not a foreigner in the realm of shoes, so why the hell not?



With Balenciaga known for creating the weirdest troll items, why not push the envelope further and create a triple collaboration jewelry line? Known for his gaudy Jesus piece and crazy jewelry, Kanye can definitely bring it back with a Balenciaga twist and of course GAP’s backing for extra mass appeal. Why limit the reach of jewelry right? It’s the price that will set the market apart.



Known as the almighty equivalent to the rockstar’s leather jacket, the hoodie can be the most coveted of the collection, we’ve seen Kanye and GAP go at it but we’d like to see a dose of Balenciaga thrown in the mix! Will it be weird fitting? Will they have obnoxious colors and sarcastic messaging? It’s such a nice possibility.



With Ye’s strong affinity for masks, we can imagine the triple collaboration create such an interesting array of them coming out. They need not be cloth, they can be costume-like for halloween levels. Whatever the outcome, we bet everyone would want a piece for the collection or two.


An Album 

We know Ye just released an album but we can imagine him creating songs about their collaboration. We remember the Watch The Throne album with Jay-Z, wherein they got Givenchy designer Ricardo Tisci to do the album cover. They even had a Lebron shoe to coincide with the tour. There’s an infinite stream of possibilities for it and we’re not talking about the digital version, we want a vinyl version of the said album with a shirt and some Balenciaga-laced packaging and merch!

In other news, here’s adidas and PRADA’s latest collaboration veered towards saving the environment. 


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