In creating your own streetwear empire, it pays to be extra determined. Hesitation means limiting yourself and welcoming the fear of failure. What we love about the local scene now is that the brands are getting braver by the minute.

Also, everyone is coming into their own look and feel that you can already differentiate them. Such is the case for new upcoming brand Gunner. With their innate love for basketball and comics, their skull and flames look has created quite a buzz among local streetwear fans.

We recently got ahold of Gunner owner August Molina to find out more about the brand. Grab a cup of joe and enjoy our little convo…

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How did Gunner begin? Can you give us a backstory?

Nagsimula mabuo Gunner dahil sa isang tao lamang, walang iba kundi ang namayapang si Kobe Bryant. 1 year after ng trahedya at saktong birthday nya Aug 23 and kinabukasan birthday ko Aug 24 naisip ko gumawa ng tribute para sakanya and naisip ko why not mag start ng clothing business and siya ang una kong i-feature.

I started browsing sa mga concepts and mga sikat na designer and clothing brand over the world and I saw Warren Lotas’ arts and works that inspired our brand. We saw the issue between him and Nike and the way he addressed the issue truly motivated us to push and believe that being inspired by someone’s works is not a bad thing, just like how Kobe drew inspiration from MJ. We named our brand Gunner kasi sa personality ni Kobe sa court na walang hesitation in every moment.

Why the skulls and flames? Was it a conscious decision to set you apart from other brands?

Skulls and Flames obviously came from inspiration sa works ni Warren but we are making some new concepts that will add more fire to the designs. NO LIMITS.

Where does the NBA and Marvel influence come in?

I’m a huge fan of NBA and KOBE is my hero and Marvel has the best concepts to match our brand. Wait for more Marvel concepts soon.

You’ve got quite a limited run for each design. Was that the plan all along since the brand started?

Yes, it was the plan ever since. Kasi personally gusto ko sa isang item is rare and very limited. Not saying I will keep it very very rare but in just limited quantities only to keep that rare vibe.

If you’re to collab with a brand or a personality who would it be?

Madami akong gustong maka collab sa sobrang daming malakas, magaling at malupet na di ko maisa-isa pero mas okay for now magkaroon ng collaboration sa mga nag uumpisa palang sa game katulad ng Gunner.

What’s your most bought product?

Both Tees and shorts mostly. But hopefully, we can come up with something new to the market.

Word to our readers…

To all our readers, especially sa mga supporters ng brand namin since day one. SALAMAT NG MARAMI and be ready for more FIRE drops soon. And sa lahat ng gusto magsimula sa gantong larangan ng business. Take note: NO LIMITS AND BE LEGENDARY. THANK YOU!

Thanks August and Gunner! 

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