Face it. Bootleg sneakers will always be integrated within sneaker culture. For sure, it used to be just painting a sneaker, but today’s know how and technology have blazed a trail, a movement where someone who wants to make a version of an existing shoe is empowered to do just that. Enter the Philippines’ first ever attempt at a Dunk with the Spark by DBTK. 

What’s New

It’s the Philippines’ first ever attempt at a bootleg Dunk. We managed our expectations with this one but this is impressive! Yes, it’s basically a Dunk with DBTK branding, but they did it right. They got the shape, the materials are nice and the packaging is on point with its drawer type orientation.

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We’d recommend that you go .5 up on this one as it feels a bit narrow. Of course leather stretches a bit with time but we’d recommend you go a half size up for comfort and space. They do fit more like the regular dunks as they went for the thin tongues.

Where To Buy

It went up via raffle last December for only Php 5495 but is now fetching double its retail price from the secondary market. Your best bet is finding a pair within the 8 to 10k range. Prices that go beyond that mark is a bit overkill, but then if you like the shoe, what’s stopping you?

The DBTK Spark Dunk Verdict

All in all, we’re pretty impressed. A solid effort from the DBTK camp. First of all, they got the shape and silhouette right. Then the material choices are pretty impressive. Hell, even better than the other GR Dunks out there that crease like cardboard.

If a local brand can pick materials of this caliber, you can’t avoid questioning how some general mainstream releases do it these days. Crappy synthetic leather, glue stains, what gives? This can be a challenge to these big companies. It’s not just them who can make shoes now, it can be anyone… and that’s a welcome change!

P.S. Extra laces would be nice like these cream laces.

In other local shoe news, World Balance has just teased their upcoming Glow In The Dark Invictus. 


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