The time has come, and The Matrix Resurrections is available in select cinemas and on  HBO Max. With such a long time being in between this latest installation and the prequel, The Matrix Revolutions, we face a completely new film altogether. While the story remains in line with the complexities of the Matrix and its implications on people and sentient computer programs, Lana Wachowski has created a fresh product. With that being said, however, we’re not quite sure how to feel since the latest movie strays away from the solemnity observed in the original films. While the innovative action scenes serve to be a crowd favorite ever since it is in the discussion of free will or destiny, religion, love, and trust where the Matrix finds its relevance and profundity. We saw Matrix Resurrections in its entirety and through this review, we hope to uncover if the film lives up to the hype.

Matrix Resurrections Review Spoiler Warnings

Our review of Matrix Resurrections will solely focus on the characters and execution of action sequences that have made the franchise so popular for fans. We will veer away from crucial plot points in order to deliver a spoiler-free review especially for those who are looking to see the film in its entirety.

 Same Characters, New Faces

From the beginning minutes of The Matrix Resurrections, we instantly get to meet the new faces that will prove to be important for the remainder of the film. What proves to be more compelling though, is that we are also introduced to characters we have already met in the previous films that have a whole new identity. The first character we officially meet is Bugs, played by Jessica Henwick. When we first meet her, there is a sense of confusion as to what her role will be, yet the inquiry is quickly answered as we see her insert herself into the mix of important characters. The next actor who makes a strong entrance in The Matrix Resurrections is Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, who fills the role of Morpheus’ new identity. While Laurence Fishburne can never really be replaced and left with big shoes to fill, Abdul-Mateen II doesn’t do a bad job. And of course, what would the Matrix be if they had re-casted their main characters, Neo and Trinity. Aware of this, Warner Bros stuck with Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss to do the job only they can really do.

Love Between Neo and Trinity

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After decades past, Neo and Trinity finally reunite in a humble coffee shop. When the moment first takes place, we as the audience can’t help but experience a rush of flashbacks and important memories between the two characters. Unfortunately, however, this sweet, reminiscent feeling is quite quickly spoiled as third-party characters make the interaction inorganic. Furthermore, as The Matrix Resurrections heavily relies on the viewers to place importance on the reunion between the two, it evokes a forceful feeling when the characters’ destinies are not left unspoken.

Action on Action

The Matrix Resurrections

When we think back at The Matrix saga and what it stood for, action scenes are at the top of the list. This is mainly because at the time when the original films were released in the late ’90s and early ’00s, the slow-motion gunfights, and battles were some of the first of their kind. Obviously, a lot of technological advancements have taken place since the last Matrix movie in 2003, especially within film equipment. That being said, The Matrix Resurrections boasts an array of action scenes that are executed in a true Matrix fashion. These scenes were executed well enough to be watched back multiple times. As you rewatch these on-screen battles you’ll begin to notice that some sequences even display two different slow-motion speeds in the same frame – truly demonstrating how far we’ve come in movie production.

Déjà Vu

The Matrix Resurrections

Obviously, like any other movie franchise that has produced three well-acclaimed films prior, the Matrix Resurrections inserts easter eggs throughout the film drawing back to key moments that have taken place in the original works. While some easter eggs remain subtle and can easily be missed by an untrained eye, other easter eggs are very explicit to the point where short clips are copied and pasted into this latest work. While it is captivating to see the parallels between new and old films up close and personal, it can also take away from the authenticity the previous Matrix films demonstrate.

The Matrix Resurrections Review Final Verdict

With all that being said, The Matrix Resurrections does not live up to the hype that the film’s trailer and marketing stunt suggested late last year. For a movie that has such a rich background and history, the fresh take that Wachowski decided to take does not seem suitable to this movie. The lightness of the scenes takes away from the thought-provoking counterparts seen during the original three films.

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