The Invictus proves to be one of the most successful sneakers World Balance has produced in recent memory, thanks to its stylish looks and affordable pricing. It has been a favorite sneaker for Secret Fresh collabs and even went total minimalist with the Monochrome collection. For 2022, World Balance is giving the Invictus an update with the Reveal pack.

Consisting of three colorways–one with a black upper, one with a white upper, and one with an orange upper, the sections where mesh was used are replaced with body-color ripstop fabric, giving it a more minimalist look save for the Invictus Reveal branding on the side. It has the same TPU overlays used on the “More Good Less Evil” model to give it some depth.

New to the sneaker, however, is the use of Glow-in-the-Dark material for the midsoles, emitting a neon green glow after being under the sun for several minutes.

The best part? Despite some of those changes, World Balance will be selling the Invictus Reveal at Php 2,299, making them affordable yet again to any sneakerhead out there.

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If you are interested in the latest Invictus release, World Balance will make them available at their online store on January 21 and will have a wider general release on January 28.


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