If you happen to go back and forth between Netflix Binges and BAPE gear hunting, then this collab may just hit the sweet spot! 

This time, collaborating with Netflix, BAPE is putting out a collection of shirts that pay homage to the much revered Korean thriller Squid Game.

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Two shirts visually take cues from the prisoner number of the main character Seung Ji-Hoon, juxtaposing the 456 jumpsuit print with BAPE’s signature camouflage and APE HEAD motifs remixed with some Hangul lifted from the South Korean show’s DNA.

The other shirt pits their trademark mascot Baby Milo with the series’ notorious masked army.

Netflix has attempted time and time again with merch that hopefully would connect with its fast rising fanbase. Though it would be safe to say that most aren’t really hitting the spot, this is a strong exception. 

Is this a sign of bigger things to come? That an actual series from Netflix is putting its eggs in a streetwear powerhouse for that added cool factor? Are we looking at Supreme collaborating with Attack On Titan soon? Is that a looming possibility?

The Bape x Squid Game drops January 21 and will range in price between $77-$86, or around Php 4k to 4.5k before taxes and duties.

Speaking of bigger things to come, we recently reviewed the DBTK “Spark” Dunk, a Filipino first. ⁠


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