Indeed, Pinoy Pop group SB19 knows how to keep their momentum going. Just last year, they reached number one in Billboard’s weekly Hot Trending Songs with their track Bazinga. Aside from this, the group was also able to stage an online concert, BACK IN THE ZONE. This year, the group expands their range and reach even further by growing their merchandise for ethusiastic fans and followers. Their recent addition is their most exciting yet and is inspired by their pagsibol album.

Proudly made in the Philippines, the premium pagsibol merch collection promises a ‘full fan experience’ with its three main collections: What? Collection, which includes an Iron-On Patch and Enamel Pin as inspired by the critically acclaimed first single; MAPA Collection, which includes a bundled T-shirt and a collectible photocard, handmade resin keychain, along with its own Iron-On Patch and Enamel Pin inspired by the smash anthem for parents and family; and Pagsibol Collection, which includes a poster and a photobook.


We love that even though SB19 has their own Filipino seal, they are following a similar entertainment marketing strategy that KPOP groups are using. For instance, using Twitter to reach out and communicate with their fans.
Another marketing element is making use of merchandise to elevate their fans’ and followers’ experience. This particular line was conceptualized and produced by Sony Music Philippines, SB19, and ShowBT. To help execute the ideas, the merchandise team collaborated with Filipino artists Irmay Ledesma and Bea Zaragoza to come up with top-notch designs that reflect the SB19 brand, as well as what their music stands for. The team also made sure that the merch line adheres to the Filipino group’s vision, and is representative of the aesthetic of SB19 and their music.
In our opinion, this is a really good marketing move that enhances the loyalty and longevity of the fans. We also love the fact that they collaborated with Filipino artists to reflect the Pinoy identity of the group.

Top 5 Favorites: SB19 pagsibol Merchandise 

Mapa Resin Key Chain  (Php 830)

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This is probably one of the coolest items in the bunch. It’s a great to have as key chain, a constant reminder that if you’re feeling lost, hang in there, and you’ll eventually find your way.

Pasibol Shirt (Php 1750)

SB19 Merchandise

One of the most practical group merch to have a nicely designed t-shirts because it’s really usable and it’s an instant statement. We’re partial towards the white one because its cooler to wear in a tropical county like ours.

What Enamel Pin (Php 365)

Pin this on any loose white or plain shirt you have, and you automatically have youself a stylish outfit. Alternatively, this great to pin on backpacks and fanny packs.

Sticker Merch

Stick it to your laptop or phone case and viola, it’s instantly personalized! It also makes an awesome gift if you have a friend who is an SB19 fan. As of ths writing, it’s not yet in their official online site, but hopefully, it will be their soon.

Poster (Php 480)

What better addition to your growing collection of SB19 merch than a poster you can collect for always?

See anything you like? The official SB19 Pagsibol merchandise is available on the following channels:

Local online purchases:

International purchases (ships worldwide):

For pick-up and in-store purchases, items are available at the CO. Store, 3/F Shoppesville Mall in Greenhills, San Juan. The merch line will also be available for purchase soon via Shopee and Lazada.

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