Today is happy one for SB19 fans. The highly anticipated new SB19 EP, pagsibol, is now on Spotify.

SB19 Pagsibol Cover Art

Just a few hours before the official launch, members of the press were invited to get a sneak peek on never-before-heard tracks as well as SB19’s thoughts on being an artist, a growing international audience, and their group’s influence. The EP definitely has a lot of surprises in store. Also, based on what we have heard so far, we can say that their new music is very Filipino, very catchy, and very inspiring.

What Makes pagsibol a special EP for SB19?

SB19’s music captures the spirit of being Filipino, while possessing an appeal for an international audience. The group is comprised of Josh, Justin, Ken, Stell, and Pablo and was formed in 2018. Prior to this, the members went through training under ShowBT Philippines for 3 years. Fast forward to this year, they are at the foyer of international fame, with upcoming interviews from the iconic Rolling Stone magazine, and the well-listened to radio show iHeartRadio.

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“Pagsibol, germination. Everything about our growth as SB19 from the beginning up to where we are today,” shared Justin when asked about the meaning of their EP’s title.

Regarding the EP itself, Pablo shared that he wanted the listening experience for each song to be unique.

Ayaw po namin na iisa lang yung tunog na madidinig nila pag napakinggan nila yung EP. The next song, iba dapat yung mood nila. Parang nasa roller coaster sila.”

On Growth, Influence, and Recognition

Despite their international recognition, the members of SB19 remain very grounded. The  group aims for their music to inspire and to help the Philippine’s audience grow as well.

Hindi lang siya (Ikako) for the frontliners, but for the people na naa-apektuhan mentally. We want to make people inspired, have hope, to continue their dreams, magpatuloy sa buhay,” Justin explained when we asked what effect they would like their EP to have amidst a Covid-19 pandemic.

Their success is truly amazing. Just recently, SB19’s YouTube channel reached 2M followers. They also have more than 1.6 million listeners on Spotify. The group has so much promise and we’re excited to see what the future has in store for them.

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Aside from that, watch out for SB19’s upcoming August 1 concert entitled Back In The Zone.


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