A movie with Alessandra De Rossi and seasoned leading man, Piolo Pascual seems to be an exciting film, right? My Amanda is a Filipino film currently available on Netflix which was written and directed by Alex herself, making it even more intriguing. Filipinos had their eyes set on the release of this Netflix original with high hopes for the film. We had to check out what the hype was all about and have simultaneously come up with a review of My Amanda.

Take note that this review may contain some spoilers up ahead so process with caution.

My Amanda by Alessandra de Rossi Poster

A quick synopsis

The premise of the movie has been done a million times in the cinema bot locally and internationally. A girl and a boy in this case Amanda aka “Fream” (De Rossi) and TJ aka “Fuffy” (Pascual) form a close bond — sharing everything from jokes, heartaches, frustrations even down to some redemptive moments in their lives. Throughout the film, the people surrounding Amanda and TJ and even us as the audience are left constantly wondering if there is more to their friendship than meets the eye.

The relationship of the two is so close to the point that their respective romantic partners seem to be treated as second fiddle. Throughout the movie, we follow their journey, almost as if we as the audience are treated as characters in the film itself, nosely listening and dissecting their every move.

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What makes it stand out?

The conversations between the two are the stars of the show, albeit it tends to be a bit too much at times. Still, the charm of both actors is enough to reel you in as you root for the success and happiness of both. De Rossi and Pascual both individually and as a collective provide a realistic performance and chemistry that simply works. There is no sign of over-the-top acting. Instead, we are treaded to subtlety that is able to highlight the beauty and messy nature of any relationship.

The cinematography and visuals definitely contribute to the overall impact of the movie. The color grading and independent filmmaking style are rid of anything fancy that may distract viewers from the meat of the story. Everything in this film is done to make sure that the story takes center stage. There are also amazing editing skills that are showcased in the movie with some special effects and graphics which are done in moderation which is just enough to provide a fresh take within the 90-minute timeframe.

Our Review Verdict on My Amanda

Piolo Pascual and Alessandra de Rossi in My Amanda

Before we proceed to our actual verdict, let’s answer the question that is on the mind of most people: do Amanda and TJ end up together? The simple answer is no, but this is what makes My Amanda into a unique film in the Filipino movie scene today–it is a film that centers on love but not the way that we often think it should be.

This is a movie that redefines that love is in its purest form can exist amongst friends–something De Rossi points out so eloquently. It is a film that debunks the negativity of “the friend zone” and highlights such a relationship into one that should be highly regarded and aspired for, not feared.

My Amanda is a must-see film because Alex and Piolo have given us a much-needed breather for the year 2021.

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