My personal pair of the ZX 800 DB from almost a decade ago.

The 80s is a big era for adidas, as they came up with several silhouettes that are still relevant even up to now. Just like how iconic 70s adidas sneakers like the Superstar and Stan Smith gained a cult following, it is high time for an 80s classic like the Forum to take the spotlight this 2021.

The Forum Low in its OG form, just like how it originally looked back in 1984.

The adidas Forum: what are its origins?

For those unfamiliar, the Forum made its debut in 1984. The adidas Forum was a class of its own for being the most advanced basketball sneaker during its time.

Making it stand out is its criss-cross ankle system, giving it a mid-cut look with an ankle strap for enough ankle support–which proved to improve ankle support especially for basketball players.

Prior to Michael Jordan signing to Nike and debuting what is one of the most iconic basketball sneaker lines to date, Jordan himself did wear the Forum during the Team USA Olympic Basketball trials and during his NCAA days.

Prior to the Air Jordan era, Jordan would rock adidas sneakers like the Forum. Source: Sports Illustrated

Like how a number of New Balance sneakers is to running, the Forum was considered to be a luxury for a basketball sneaker, costing $100 back in 1984–which translates to around $260 in 2021 with inflation factored in.

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Because of its association with luxury, it was only a matter of time before the Forum was viewed as a posh lifestyle sneaker. The Forum had its fair share of collaborations that randed from Run-DMC to Jeremy Scott, Beyonce, and recently, Bad Bunny. While it does not command the same hype as its rival from team Swoosh, the Forum has its own identity that perfectly rides on the trend of sneakers from the 80s.

The Forum in 2021: Reimagined for the New Generation

For 2021, adidas once brings back the Forum in an all-new Exhibit version that is available in both low- and mid-top models. adidas Philippines sent over the former in this pastel-inspired colorway that consists of Cloud White, Cream White, and Halo Amber–and I love it.

Aside from being sustainable, where around 20% of the upper is made from material that has 50% recycled content–the Forum Exhibit Low has unique paneling for the upper, combining suede, smooth leather, and posh tumbled leather. This colorway in particular has a luxurious appeal and somewhat reminds me of that high-end Hender Scheme collection minus the exorbitant price tag.

My personal pair of the ZX 800 DB from almost a decade ago.

As someone who has been closely following adidas for over a decade, the Forum Exhibit Low does remind me of the ZX 800 DB from 2012, which also boasted of a luxurious look with its choice of materials for the upper. The reimagined design of the Forum Exhibit Low even has posh suede paneling on the midsole and a slimmer look, further emphasizing its lifestyle appeal.

All of these tweaks give the Forum a modern look, something that looks great despite having a design that is close to 40 years old. If you have been digging other legacy adidas sneakers like the Superstar and Stan Smith and their reimagined iterations, the reimagined version of the Forum is adidas’ way of making the youth appreciate its iconic sneakers more with more style and flair.

adidas Forum Exhibit Low Price Philippines

The Forum Exhibit Low is priced at Php 4,800 and is available in adidas online and select physical stores nationwide. That SRP is great, especially since it made the Forum more accessible to everyone. Aside from the Halo Amber colorway, the Forum Exhibit Low is also available in Pulse Aqua, which has a nice color pop.


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