As 2021 unfolded, people had somewhat adjusted to a new normal, but the longing for the old normal and for freedom from the virus, never really went away. And so, when something makes me feel a semblance of the more carefree me, I’m drawn to it. Case in point- Korean Entertainment. In a pandemic, one of the easiest and safest (at least healthwise) access to the outside world is the Internet. Korean Entertainment banked on this trend increasing the quality and quantity of their content into streaming services like Netflix and other online platforms. This continuous rise of popularity of the Korean Culture not just for me but for every K-Pop and KDrama fan is what I want to explore further for my Hype Trends 2021.

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Huge Influences and Impact

It is undeniable not just this year but for quite some time that K-Pop stars and Korean actors have had a huge impact on the way people live. For example, A tweet by BTS can reach as much as half a million hearts on Twitter which in turn translates to a wider and bigger influence. This can be through their choice of advocacy or simply in the way they are able to communicate light-hearted messages for the youth.

This was confirmed by YeonJeong Kim, head of global K-pop and K-content partnerships at Twitter in an interview: “There is a huge community around the world that is centered around K-pop and K-content. After the third generation, K-pop music acts, fandoms began to evolve into open global communities thanks to the development of SNS platforms. These fandoms radiate influence, and their explosive power has created synergy in the new media environment known as Twitter.”

This rise in popularity had a domino effect. For instance, Lazada Philippines has made Lee Min Ho one of their endorsers. Also, Hyun Bin has been tapped by luxury watch brands, such as OMEGA and local telco brand Smart Communications Inc.

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More than Just Entertainment

For me, this access to a world with really interesting characters and content filled the void of not being able to experience things the way I used to. It gave me something to look forward to after a long workday or after hearing one terrible news after another. Of course, there’s really no escaping from reality, but we all find ways to cope with it and this was mine. What really appealed to me was K-pop and K-drama romantic comedies because it’s a real mood lifter.

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For instance, BTS’ new drops like Permission To Dance and Butter literally boosted my spirits as well as many of my friends’ the moment it was released. As of this writing, Butter has more than 655 million views, while Permission To Dance has over 400 million views on YouTube. Their music has amazingly addicting beats, melody, and lyrics and just sends an overall positive message to the listeners.

Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha” Producers Beg Viewers To Stop Visiting The Houses Where Drama Was Filmed | SoompiThe same goes for their romcoms like Home Town Cha Cha and Our Beloved Summer, which offer plots of the 90s, early 00s Western romcoms that I miss as well as some valuable life lessons. Of course, there’s no denying that more thrilling k-dramas like Squid Game have their appeal, and of course, the production quality of these types of offerings is ace.

My entry for Hype Trends 2021 goes to show that the rise of Korean content really has made a bigger impact in all our lives and not just for die-hard fans. It has seeped into our lives in a contagious manner but one that brings so much joy and hope despite our circumstances. This is indeed a trend that won’t end pretty soon and rightfully so in my most honest opinion.

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