Two crews are better than one, and as a result of this ECQ season, creative minds join forces to create something worth the spin.
A joint effort between two prominent Hip-hop groups, they are both fixtures in the local rap/hip-hop scene, making this a dream collab that brings more heat to the already blistering season! 
From the Bawal Clan FB page
Exhibit A being Bawal Clan, a rap collective whose impact on local music is felt strongly  not only by their numbers but their creative input as well. They have been making diligent rounds in the metro with their second full length “Nightmare On 66” present on the speakers and headphones of any local rap fan nowadays. Hustlin’ and the embodiment of what Wu-Tang Clan is, a collage of different personas in one wicked supergroup. 
Exhibit B comes in the form of OWFVCK, a power trio whose works and rhyme schemes are infectious and are true ear worms. Their latest single “Pating Sa Kadiliman” is golden. They have been collaborating with brands like IMPLICIT and TeamManila/Daily Grind as well. 
Their two way split’s result is an all out lyrical attack in the form of “Heist” featuring Astro, Lexus and Paul Cassimir (from OF) and Rjay Ty, Ankhten Brown and Lex Luthoor (from BC). 
The end product is a rhymefest that exhibits every rapper’s individual style. “Heist” flows with an aural backdrop that gives way to dark lyricism, wit and wordplay.  
Gritty and a bit hardcore, that’s the best thing about being an artist, they can explore topics and themes as an escape. And frankly, an escape through music is what we all need now. 
Besides, who doesn’t want to think about getting that paper anyway? 
What we like about this track is that it doesn’t have any catchy choruses whatsoever. This is intended to exhibit every member’s persona. Clocking in at 3:09, this is one of the best tracks to bob your head to as we are all waiting to get back to the new normal.
“Heist” is one of the tracks off their collab album entitled “Ligtas.” One to look forward to in the coming days. Get hyped! 


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