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There will always be that kid within us. Whether it be an escape for today’s challenging times or merely a pastime, toys will always be a part of us here at This Is Hype PH. Kids at heart, as most would say!

That statement may sound funny to some, but that’s the truth. Along with the gadgets, shoes and streetwear, there will always be that tiny sensation that takes us all back to the wonder years of toys!

Assuming most of you are not really kids now, we have more purchasing power and a couple of our favorite toy stores, Toys R Us and Toy Kingdom are bringing some discounts over via the Lazada 6.6 Bounce Back Sale! Time to spend and of course save in the process!

Here are stuff that we recommend you keep your eyes peeled out for!

1.       Marvel Legends Series Archangel

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From P1,999 to P1,799

Buy Here! 

One of the most iconic characters off the Marvel X-Men line, Archangel is one of those most anticipated and overpriced figures when it dropped a couple of years ago, now you can own one for the collection at a discounted price! Even if you’re not into completing the line, this stands alone just by being a solid piece.

2.       Nerf Elite Titan CS-50 Blaster Toy

From P7,499 to P6,749

Buy Here! 

Arm yourself with some giant sized firepower! Fully motorized with rapid dart blasting, 50 darts at that! Get some giant weaponry with giant savings! Plus, they will look good on any man cave!

3.       Marvel Legends Deadpool Corps Scooter Set

From P2,799 to P2,519

Buy Here! 

Our favourite protagonist/antagonist Deadpool is back in this special boxed set with a customizable scooter, weapons and a bunch of his allies, making it worth every peso spent. This is one of the most fun DP figures we’ve ever laid our mitts on!

4.       Fortnite Season 1 Solo Figure (Ragnarok)

From P379 to P190

Buy Here! 

Fresh from the heels of that sick Travis Scott Fortnite concert, here’s a sicko follow up! Start your Battle Royale Collection with some savings straight up. It’s lit!

5.       Game Of Thrones Daenerys Targaryen by McFarlane Toys

From P1,399 to P1,100

Buy Here! 

Still not over the GOT fever? Then immortalize it though this detailed Daenerys action figure done in style by Todd McFarlane of Spawn fame! Start on that GOT collection with savings on your side!

6.       Fortnite Skull Trooper

From P1,399 to P1,100

Buy Here! 

Of course we are fans of Fortnite, but this figure is bad ass on all fronts. The perfect alternative for those who can’t find a Misfits action figure. Plus, they are fully articulated. Talk about posing options!

7.       Full Armor Unicorn Gundam

From P3,799 to P3,000

Buy Here! 

Still bored at home and scared to go out? Well, Gundam building does the trick! Build away and let time fly as you go about your mech business! Plus, you really need to take photos of Gundams and sneakers together, how about that?

8.       Game Of Thrones Jon Snow by McFarlane Toys

From P1,399 to P1,100

Buy Here! 

 Of course, no GOT collection will be complete without Jon Snow right? The detailing on McFarlane toys is crazy. If you’re familiar with the Spawn figures from years ago, well… it’s on that level!
Found something you fancy? Let the geek in you shop til you drop! The Lazada Bounce Back Sale is happening until June 6, so don’t miss out!


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