Featuring the Continental 80 and ZX 8000

With a vast collection of easy-to-rock legacy sneakers under its belt, adidas has a knack for giving a simple-yet-fresh spin on its classic sneakers. For its latest collection, adidas gave a premium treatment to the ZX 8000 and a brand new look to the Continental 80.

Let’s talk about the ZX 8000: while it looks simple with its Core Black upper and white Torsion sole, it has that luxurious feel with the supple suede used for the upper instead of the usual mesh and suede. Gold accents on the lace dubrae and the tongue tag give it that extra premium feel for the 80s runner.

If white is your cup of tea, you might want to check out this reimagined version of the Continental 80. The white/green color blocking is a staple for any classic adidas sneakers, but what makes this stand out is its use of woven cotton for the majority of the upper.

Together with leather panel overlays on the toebox and lacing area, the varying shades of white gave a new twist to the classic color blocking.

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For both pairs, you will need to order them online. The Continental 80 sells for around Php 7000 at 24s.com, while the ZX 8000 will cost you around Php 6,800 at Sneaker District. Do note that both prices do not include shipping, so you might want to factor that in.


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