Are you stoked to get the third Illest Heartbreaks and Heartaches collection? Ahead of its official drop on February 12, Illest has revealed the whole collection The collection will consist of four tees sporting two different hugot taglines: “Forever means nothing” and “All I did was love you”. Both taglines come in black, while white is for the former and pink is for the latter. Together with the tees, there is a set of decals that you can use for your car or for other places you prefer to stick them on. Being a limited drop, Illest will be making the collection available from February 12 to 14 at their website. Those getting one tee will pay Php 1998 and get a sticker with their purchase. Those getting two tees, on the other hand, will pay Php 3,396 and will get a sticker PLUS a special Heartbreak Brew drink. Make sure to keep tabs on their website for the Illest Heartbreaks and Heartaches 2021 to make sure you get first dibs on this cool Single Awareness Day-themed collection that’s perfect for Love Month. Speaking of Valentine’s Day, why not pair those tees with these appropriately-themed kicks? And maybe get tips on the right bottoms to wear for that sick OOTD?


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