So now you got the sneakers off the box, and that’s nice! Provided that you’ve already laced them up and they look good on feet, the next question is how the hell will you be able to style them? We got you covered, as we discuss here our top bottoms for your sneakers.

Ageless style guaranteed!

Of course, we here at This Is Hype are not fashion experts or anything but we will give it a try. Just remember whatever feels good to you is the best route you can take.

Consider this list just a basis for your styling decisions! At the end of the day, what you’re comfortable with is the most hype fit of them all!

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Cargo Pants 

SBs are the best contenders for cargo pants.

Cargo pants-especially the baggy type-provides you with a nice room for comfort and gives you that option whether to tuck the tongue in or out from your sneakers. Buy those with the adjustable ankles (check out the styles our friends at Above the Ankle have!) so you can adjust according to the profile of the shoe you are wearing.


This one provides you with a more universal look. Who doesn’t wear jeans right? It’s basically the item that any person from any walk of life owns. Just be careful with the dark jeans, especially if they are brand new as they can stain your shoes–a total nightmare!


Whether it’s above the knee or extra baggy, this is the best way to showcase your sneakers in all their glory. We’re not gonna tell you how long or how short your shorts should be, go figure. If there’s one thing we can tell you, never go below the knee with hightops like Jordan 1s as it will eat up leg space and make you look smaller.

Suit Pants 

Streetwear for the next meeting

Going to a meeting or feeling the need to dress it up a bit? Well, the dress pants are great for giving your sneakers a little classy twist. We all know that leather-based shoes can be a pain for daily wear, so why not go comfy and let your pants carry your shoes instead?

Printed Pants 

Prints For The Win

Whether it be loud prints or camouflage or real tree patterns, these look perfect with simple colorways on sneakers. The sauce is in the details.

That wraps up our top bottoms for your sneakers. Which style suits you the most? Since we are on the topic of lists, you should check out our Top 5 Unusual Nike Innovations here!


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