Nike has proven the sneaker world is ever-changing with their newest Go FlyEase 2021. Yet, this isn’t Nike’s first time of thinking outside the box. In fact, the brand’s innovation and out-of-this-world ideas are what keeps the brand relevant to this day. From crazy aesthetics to more practical designs, we decided to take a look at five unusual Nike innovations that seemed a bit odd at first but slowly grew on us!

1. Nike HyperAdapt

Self-lacing sneaker technology seemed so far into the future until Nike proved otherwise. The Nike HyperAdapt was the first sneaker of its kind offered to the public back in 2016. While the concept seemed hard to grasp, acclaim for the sneaker grew quickly, especially in the secondary market.

2. Nike x sacai VaporWaffle

I remember seeing the Nike x sacai VaporWaffle for the first time and thinking “What the?”. As deconstructed designs began to gain popularity thanks to the likes of Virgil Abloh and Maison Margiela, the collaboration between Nike and sacai started to make sense.

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3. Nike Space Hippie

Nothing beats innovation that positively impacts our planet. The Nike Space Hippie‘s upper includes about 90% recycled polyester made from recycled plastic bottles, t-shirts, and yarn scraps. Therefore, while the sneakers help us look stylish, it, more importantly, prevents trash from packing landfills and wading in our oceans.

4. Nike Mars Yard

When it comes to aesthetic innovation, no one is better at it than contemporary artists. This is why Tom Sachs’ Nike Mars Yards managed to pave the way for sneakers out of this world, literally. While the shoe was extremely limited, it was not short of hype and attention from within and outside the sneaker industry.

5. Nike Air Max 1 Golf “Grass”

As the name suggests, the Nike Air Max 1 Golf “Grass” incorporates a turf-like material that resembles a golf course. While at first glance, the sneaker may seem to be very weird, the contrast present between the green upper, white swoosh and midsole, and gum outsole creates a very unique and fresh look!

While that concludes our list of five unusual (yet awesome) Nike innovations, we’re sure we will be seeing more from the swoosh in the coming months or years! Which pair is your favorite? Let us know! Also, be sure to check out Our Air Jordan 1 Low Best Picks from the 2020 Releases!


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