With the pandemic letting us enjoy slip-on sneakers like the Offline Slide, Nike is finding new ideas to make slip-on sneakers cool. Their latest innovation? The Go FlyEase 2021.

While the Go FlyEase 2021 looks like you typical slip-on shoe with a more avantgarde design, there’s more to it. Utilizing Nike‘s latest iteration of FlyEase, you get a bi-stable hinge design on the midsole which lets the sneaker be secure whether it is open or closed. There’s also a tensioner band to hold the shoe when you’re ready to wear it, and a kickstand on the heel to let you remove the sneaker off your feet.

The images do not detail how the design works, so here’s a video on how they are supposed to function:

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Staying true to the FlyEase principle, the Go FlyEase 2021’s unique design lets you literally wear or remove the shoe without using your hands.

While FlyEase was made to help people with disabilities have an easier time wearing sneakers, the design of the Go FlyEase 2021 shows that Nike can come up with a nice-looking sneaker while making it extra convenient to wear. Yup, that’s definitely a sneaker of the future everyone can purchase with its $120(~Php 5.8k) SRP when it drops on February 15–that’s way cheaper than the hi-tech Adapt sneakers with auto-lacing.

Are you feeling the Nike Go FlyEase 2021? Or would you rather wait for other colorways? Let us know your thoughts!


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