As a sneaker YouTuber for over a decade–and one of the OGs in the said category, there are many things we wonder about Heskicks‘ life. One of the things that were asked during the Fireside chats at Unbox Con is one job he regretted passing on.

As someone who grew up in Beaverton, Oregon, Heskicks did share that he was offered a job a Nike back in the day but stuck with working with IBM instead because he had other priorities–the biggest one being college.

“I was offered a job, and I turned it down because they didn’t want to pay for my higher education,” he explained, adding why he chose to stay with IBM during that time. “I didn’t like the job as much, but it did pay as much and I kept it because it had future potential.”

Heskicks’ stint at IBM didn’t last long, as he was laid off in the early 2000s, which led him to finish college full time.

Carlo Ople talking to Heskicks during Unbox Con’s Fireside Talks.

Skipping an opportunity to work for Nike was not a bad thing at all for Heskicks. After all, if he took that opportunity with Nike, he will not be able to grow his YouTube channel and cover all brands of sneakers beyond the Swoosh. “Now I can work with other brands and I can appreciate other sneaker technologies,” he shared.

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Beyond his sneaker YouTube Channel, Heskicks also has a stacked job experience, and his LinkedIn gives a preview of what he has accomplished outside of being a content creator.

Watch the clip of Heskicks talking about missed opportunities here:


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