Lawrence Aliwalas has never been shy of his Star Wars fandom. He’s got a number of collectible toys under his name which can send any SW fan into a collecting tirade. This obsession of his has led him to release toys not both in the Philippines and overseas.

Due to insistent public demand, the artist has taken heed! Enter his Fett Boy figure, a smaller and more affordable one compared to his giant previous version is perfect for those who would want to have one sans the grand space.

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Priced at Php4,000 each, collectors are actually talking about it on his page so we suggest, you do your homework on obtaining one fast!

Also in other Lawrence Aliwalas / Star Wars news, he has just announced his Trooper Boy out on vinyl toy mecca Stormy Vault. The custom one-off 7″ Pinoy Trooper Boy was featured on Stormy Vault’s Filipino Show last August 15!

The local force is strong on this one! You can read our feature on Lawrence and Imagine Nation Design Studios here! 


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