The Captain is landing soon

Are you still not yet over Captain Ri Jeong Hyeok’s charms at Crash Landing on You? Here’s some good news: Korean actor Hyun Bin is poised to take over the Philippines with two upcoming endorsements. The first one being telco company Smart, which has teased a short 9-second video on Twitter.

If that’s not enough, Bench also teased that they will also have Hyun Bin as their endorser as well. Just like with the Smart teaser, Bench’s teaser is pretty much a giveaway that it is referring to Hyun Bin’s character in Crash Landing on You.

We won't let you move on.After months of keeping it a secret,the wait is almost over.And yes, you read it right.Everyone's crush—#LandingOnBENCH soon.

Posted by Bench/ lifestyle + clothing on Tuesday, May 26, 2020

With two major endorsements on the way, will Hyun Bin be endorsing more brands both in the Philippines and in other countries? We definitely look forward to what the award-winning Korean actor has in store for his fans.

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