Paper art has always been a respected art form. Imagine this: a simple series of folds and creases can create a mini-masterpiece where the only limit is one’s wild imagination.

Once that wild imagination goes off and mixes with one’s genuine liking for sneakers, the results are truly amazing. Imagine having your holy grail sneakers over at your display table, chilling at a separate universe with your action figures and designer toys: What a rush!!

Toys and Kicks @ChasingLightsAndColors

Enter YUX. A woman who has the golden hands and a creative vision that knows no limits, she has graced sneaker events too many and has even created a little something for a not so known rap/hip-hop group!

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She has created this creative empire where she reigns supreme. Call it a miniature kingdom with Voltron-sized goals.

Read on and get inspired!

How did you start out? Can you share what got you into creating mini sneakers?

Remember when there was an influx of scrapbooking materials a decade ago? Haha, that’s when I started to be interested in arts and crafts. Turns out I have the talent for scrapbooking that I eventually ventured into making invitations. With a lot of themes involved in invitations, I got to make a lot of small random things with paper (small party elements like cake, jewelry, etc.) During those times, my husband, Brianne, got into the sneaker world. He introduced me to my first pair and out of curiosity I wondered how shoes are made. With the help of Google, I was able to find a way to translate the art of shoe making into my “paper cutting” talent.

What is the first-ever shoe you ever did a mini version of?

My first ever mini kicks is the OG Jordan 1 Black Toe. It was really popular during that year 2013.

You did a little something for Wu-Tang Clan, can you share that with us?

I got reposted by a big account on Instagram and fortunately Wu-Tang Clan saw the shout out. They messaged me about an invitation project for their art exhibit in Paris.

Model: Nike Dunk Nickname: Nike Dunk High Wu Tang Retail: n/a Release Date: 1999 Product Code: 630335-073

Still one of my biggest career milestones—working with them felt surreal and very exciting all at the same time!

How did you build your name within the sneaker circles?

With research and perseverance, really! It was always good to know what’s the latest and with every release I challenged myself to recreate the shoe. Good old hashtags, reposting, and a bunch of shout outs from our clients turned friends helped us in a big way.

We know you love sneakers too! Can you share with us the top 5 shoes you loved making?

My Top 5 sneakers would be: Jordan 1 Off-White “Chicago”, Nike Dunk Off-White, Saucony Cafe Du Monde, Jordan 1 “Dior” and the Nike Sacai Waffle Racer.

A message to your fans and followers?

Support your local artists and businesses! Especially with the new normal, we need your support more than ever. No brand will ever become a BIG brand without the help of its local community. Very thankful for each and everyone who has been continuously supporting us. Together with this community, we hope to bounce back from these trying times and grow more in this industry! Visit my website as well! 


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