As it further promotes KPop globally, Spotify announced that Itzy, B.I, and Seventeen will lead its campaign for the K-Pop ON! (온) playlist. The playlist contains the latest songs from the hottest KPop artists.

Since its launch in 2014, K-Pop ON! (온) is a key playlist on Spotify for KPop stans and casual fans, garnering over 4 million followers worldwide and over 2 billion dreams. This makes the playlist a global hub for further promoting KPop globally.

For the campaign, Spotify prepared short films featuring the three featured KPop artists. B.I is seen cruising through a futuristic digital metropolis, while Itzy gets to explore a Neon Carnival, and Seventeen roams around a mysterious wonderland that’s hidden in lush mountains.

Those who want to view the films and check out other bonus content can go here. The microsite contains special content that includes how important KPop is to Itzy, who is Seventeen’s dream collabs, and what’s B.I. ritual when he’s in the mood for good music. You also get access to behind-the-scenes footage, and Spotify teased that they will be releasing artist interviews in the coming weeks.

Make sure to add K-Pop ON! (온) to your must-follow playlists, as Spotify constantly updates it with the latest KPop hits.

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