While the Omega co-branded MoonSwatch was one of the craziest collabs Swatch has made recently, the Swiss watchmaker will have another high-key collab–this time with Dragon Ball Z. Consisting of seven pieces, Swatch confirmed that their Dragon Ball Z collab is coming to the Philippines.

Each of the seven watches takes key elements from each character. These include Goku’s 悟 wisdom symbol, Babidi’s Majin Demon mark, and Vegeta’s scouter vision. The Kamesennin and Gohan versions, on the other hand, feature playful dials.

While we still do not know when the pieces will be available in the Philippines and their pricing, our friends from One More Game got the details from the Swatch Malaysia website. Check out the prices below:

Goku – RM 555(~Php 7k)

Vegeta – RM 425(~Php 5.3k)

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Gohan – RM 425(~Php 5.3k)

Majin Buu – RM 340(~Php 4.3k)

Cell – RM 555(~Php 7k)

Frieza – RM 340(~Php 4.3k)

Kamesennin – RM 425(~Php 5.3k)

Between the seven models, the Goku and Cell models are the most expensive of the bunch because they use the 47mm Big Bold model. The Kamesennin, Gohan, and Vegeta use a 41mm model, while the Majin Buu and Frieza use a 34mm model.

Since you can buy any of the seven pieces of the collection in Malaysia, the entire collection is set to be available very soon in the Philippines.


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