One of the more iconic watches of Omega has to be the Speedmaster. The chronograph became famous for being the moon watch–yes, it is the very model that was used by the astronauts of Apollo 11.

Like any classic watch, the Speedmaster has barely changed in terms of design language, which is why this Omega watch is one of its most iconic models. Getting your hands on one will fetch you a pretty penny, with brand new models priced upwards of Php 200,000 and vintage models valued even higher.

Being a well-recognized watch, Omega came up with a nice idea of making the Speedmaster accessible to more people through its collaboration with Swatch. The collaboration of both Swiss watchmakers gave birth to the Moonswatch collection.

Comprising of 11 different models that are named after the 11 planetary bodies, the Moonswatch collection retains the core design DNA of the typical Omega Speedmaster while using the Bioceramic material of Swatch for the case. Described as a “mix of ceramic and bio-sourced plastic derived from castor oil”, Bioceramic is plastic that has the properties of ceramic: the material is light and durable at the same time.

Despite the looks, all 11 Moonswatches use a quartz movement and come with specially-themed velcro straps to complete the look.

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What makes the collection enticing is that it is priced at $260(~Php 13.6k), which is literally a fraction of how much a brand new Speedmaster goes by these days. The catch? It will not be available online and only in select Swatch stores nationwide. An even bigger challenge is that you can only buy up to two models per customer.

If you plan to get this “affordable” Omega Speedmaster, we wish you all the best. What do you think of this surprising collab?


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