He is an art director, graphic & web designer. When you look at the list of hats John Atendido or JeAA wears–from being an art director to a graphic web designer, you’ll see creativity written all over it. The coolest part? He is also a toy creator, and Project 7 to 1 teamed up with JeAA to create the Rob-OX: a Chinese New-Year toy based on the Year of the Ox that gives us a reminder that everything will be A-OK this 2021.

Everyone has their own creative process. For JeAA, this process includes playing games, listening to music, watching movies, and sketching.

“I treat all my creations not just an ordinary toy but a sculpture and an art work. Each art toy or concept has a different timetable on development. Some releases I can finish in a day or a week, but some could take months even a year. It depends on the right timing and feeling, the feeling of satisfaction. I usually design what I like, luckily my collectors also like what I do,” John shares.

What makes the Rob-OX Project 7 to 1 collab special? 

The concept of Rob-OX is a sign of hope this year 2021 (Year of the OX), a hope that all will be fine and OKs despite the things that the COVID pandemic has caused so far.

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From JeAA:

“You might ask why orange shoe box? It’s because it reminds me of Carlo Ople’s YouTube Vlog, the shoe unboxing and reviews also the color represents Project 7 to 1 branding. This box also symbolizes the first shoe pair that our mother bought us, the first shoe that’s been with us on our journey, the shoe box that’s been a container of our important things, our memories… a creative Orange Shoe Box.”
We have the same belief in this mantra: 8am-5pm build your career, 7pm-1am build your dreams (mine is extended ’till 3am). CAREER (Day Job) / DREAMS (things that you really love to do/other side hustles). It might have a different interpretation to others but as an artist with a day job and a family I think this will be a perfect time management. Also, I do not want to treat making artwork as a job.”
Aside from the Rob-OX toy, Project 7 to 1 also teamed up with JeAA for a special T-shirt with the same year of the OX theme!

If you missed out on the Rob-OX toy, JeAA will also have an exclusive shirt collaboration release with Project 7 to 1, which is limited to around 50 pieces. This is specially made for those who missed the art toy release and for those who believe in making their own luck.

Don’t forget to check out other local products sold in Stockroom and also JeAA’s other works.


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