Artists are cut from a different cloth. We only live in the world they create. They can weave, color and mold the world based on their vision. We are spectators of the artform they live by.

We found this artist by way of the 7 to 1 Squad group on FB as he was singlehandedly creating a buzz of his own by turning recognizable “hype” objects into almost 3D-like works of art. Needless to say, we just had to talk to the guy.

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Definitely more than the hype pieces that got our attention, Donnie Cellano is definitely an artist who pulls us in and takes us to a world that he calls his own.

Get some nice brew, sit tight and get to know him and his art…

Tell us about how you got into this unique art style?

I always wanted my art style to be different or unique. That is why I tried a lot of experiments and developed the style that I’ve been doing. Which is colored pencil, acrylic and white pen on acrylic glass or most called it mixed media.

The style was the reason I was featured in an international magazine which is the Colored Pencil Magazine.

How does your creative process go? What are your favorite go to materials?

My favorite materials or medium are colored pencil and acrylic glass. These past months, I’ve been enjoying using pastels because it can be smudged easier than colored pencil.

Speaking of process, a lot goes on when it comes to my style because I also use electrical components with my Lamp series as one example. 

Among your works, what are your most favorite ones?

My favorite work/s is the bicycle series because I’m a cyclist and it is also a nice subject to draw. 

Your most difficult piece?

The Bicycle Series and the Light My Way Car Series are difficult to produce because it takes me a month to make one. Most of my works on glass is difficult because they are very detailed and require so much of my time and effort. 

Had it not been the new normal would you still be as involved with your art?

Yes, I would still be. Because art is my passion and it is also my main job. I pour all my heart in each and every artwork that I’ve made.

If you were to collaborate with an artist or a celebrity who would it be and why?

I surely would love to collab with Quiccs! Because he represents Pinoy pride and all of his works are stunning! I can’t have one of his figures that’s why I just draw them. Lol

Shoutouts? Things to promote? Salamat Donn!

Shoutout to all my co-artists! Kay sir Mario Panis, kasi kung hindi sa kaniya wala ako sa art scene ngayon. Kay sir Arnel Marcelo Andal at kay sir Chris De Jong na unang sumuporta sa mga gawa ko. Sa pamilya ko at sa mga relatives ko. At syempre sa girlfriend ko na si Mae Bernadette Galban! Ang inspirasyon ko at sumuporta sa akin since day 1.

That wraps up our interview with Donnie Cellano! Speaking of artists and creators, do check out John Atendido of JeAA: On Collaborating with Project 7 to 1


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