Months after the release of New Normal, Khalid is back with yet another track. With this release, the artist captures the feeling of romantic togetherness through the lens of his R&B style. The single, Present by Khalid, will be part of his upcoming album Scenic Drive. According to Khalid, Present was inspired by the music he grew up with, and the determination to push himself creatively during the recording.

“My Mom raised me on R&B and whether it’s the harmonies or melodies, it will always be a part of my music… Present is just the beginning and I love that it has a dual meaning. It feels good to be more ‘present’ after such a trying year in the pandemic and it’s also a ‘present’ for my fans that have been with me every step of the way.”

Khalid’s consistency in terms of his pop-informed urban tracks serves as enough evidence that the rest of the album that follows after the released single, Present will be a testament to his high-level artistic capabilities. Yet, media publications such as Hypebeast and Complex have shared their thoughts on the single, praising its “deep R&B sound,” and commending how Khalid “floats over a melodic R&B joint, carried by some silky guitar strums.”

When comparing Present to Khalid’s earlier works such as his extremely successful album American Teen, an evolution in his musical style is evident. While his songs initially carried a more indie melody, his newest project boasts a heavy R&B influence. The direction Khalid has taken foreshadows the rest of the Scenic Drive album to follow along with his music endeavors in the coming years.

While Present is currently available on all leading music streaming platforms, the Scenic Drive album will drop on December 3. For the meantime, read more on Olivia Rodrigo’s Traitor Music Video Breakdown: An Emotional and Nostalgic Experience.

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