Nowadays it seems like people are becoming more and more conscious of the stuff they eat on the daily. Of course it’s an undeniable fact that fast food particularly meat tastes good especially with Pinoy taste buds- but there are some who are finding tasty and far more healthier alternatives.

Enter the current vegan non-meat offerings of some fast-food chains around the Metro–which we’ve tasted. It’s safe to say they are good enough to be delicious options for those who want something diet-friendly.

Now much to our surprise, 7-Eleven has entered the vegan / plant-based food arena in collaboration with Unmeat with a Burger and a Burger Steak Rice meal. Unveiled last week, we tried out the collab to see if it is any good.

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What’s New? 

This is practically the first time that 7-Eleven has branched out to the vegan/plant-based demographic, so that’s a fresh move. Since it’s a collaboration with Unmeat, it’s practically legit and made more accessible for those on the run with a craving for something delicious and filling other than meat.

How Do They Taste? 

What we love about them is that you can still pull off a health-conscious meal no matter how hectic your day can be. If you want an entry-level vegan meal right here and now that tastes good, then this may be the one for you. 

Frankly, they taste like the real thing if you’re not that much of a beef expert. The texture and the taste is there. We like the Burger Steak better as it’s less dry because of the mushroom sauce. The Burger can use a little bit of sauce in there, but it’s nothing a pack of ketchup can’t fix. We are also fans of that vegan cheese, whatever that is.

From The Hungry Traveler PH

We’ve tasted a couple of vegan offerings from Burger King and Army Navy. As much as those are REALLY GOOD, the 7-Eleven x Unmeat collab goes right in the middle. They are good and we like them and the accessibility of these treats are also appealing to us.

The Price

At only Php 89 for the Burger and Php 99 for the Burger Steak, they are a bit more expensive than your usual fast-food fare. However, let’s just say being healthy is a bit pricier and takes more time and effort to prepare, so this is a welcome change!

7-Eleven X Unmeat Plant-Based Burger and Burger Steak Verdict 

If you always wanted to deviate a bit from meat yet still can’t give up your burger craving, then this is it! Of course, you can’t make a lifestyle change with just these, but at least they are there if you want no meat in your burger. Highly recommended! 

Kudos to 7-Eleven and Unmeat for this great food collab! We’re excited about future food possibilities. Plant-based siomai perhaps?

Now that you’ve got some plant-based food suggestions to enjoy anywhere, here is a guide when Cinemas Re-open for an enjoyable viewing experience. 


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