It’s a fact that streetwear can be worn by anyone, regardless of gender, age, or social status. It can vary between someone in a mid-life crisis jaded about the whole thing, and it can also be for someone who’s just discovered it months ago. That’s the neat thing about streetwear: you can come as you are, whatever age group you’re in.

Here at This Is Hype, we recognize the valiant efforts of brands who aim to acknowledge and blur that age difference. KLTRD and Coziest have teamed up for a collaboration that portrays how groundbreaking unity can be through their Connecting Generations Collection.

Confused and questioning our existence.
A gap between generations. Misunderstood perspectives.
Of previously held beliefs. The before vs. the now. 

We maybe divided in our own ways, maybe there is no bridge to connect.

Or we are taught the false narrative of old vs new.

Maybe we are doing it wrong.

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The idea behind the collection is simple: both KLTRD and Coziest aim to find the middle ground between two different generations–a principle that is more relevant than ever now that we are in the digital age where everything is connected to one another thanks to the internet. Regardless of the age gap or generational differences, there’s a need to understand one another to have a better grasp of the future.

KLTRD Coziest Connecting Generations Availability

The Connecting Generations collection is now available via the two brand’s social media pages. We reckon they are limited so act fast! The Middle Ground Cap is priced at Php 499, while the SIM Card Tee in white is priced at Php 599 and the Middle Ground L/S in navy is priced at Php 699.

Recently, we had a conversation with the brand that created their own “Jesus” SB Dunk, read about that here. 




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