Artists and streetwear brands have long been allies in the scene. Coming from various backgrounds yet at some point meeting in the middle for a common vision, it has long been a practice for both to help each other out in order to satiate that craving- to create something that dialogues with their respective audiences.

This collab by KLTRD and Doktor Karayom is definitely something that stands for resiliencesomething that’s admirable in these crucial times.

Here’s what they have to say:

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2020 displayed an unimaginable shift of lifestyle which lead brands, Artists, creatives, and people who support this movement to jump into different ventures to survive and sustain each chosen craft.

Doktor Karayom is one of the recipients of the 2018 thirteen Artists Awards CCP and made various movements, art shows, and meaningful collaborations.

Our movement and love for the craft evolved to these changes, since events and other social gatherings are discouraged we want to make sure that we make things aligned with our vision to bring people together and make it an experience.

We have a firm belief that we can still surpass this challenge as a whole.

This collection is dedicated and made for the whole creative community, the supporters, and the curious.

In our humble opinion, these are collections that move local streetwear culture into deeper consciousness. It’s not all about the glitz and the glamour of mere looking cool or IG-worthy, but it’s the stories from real-life situations that resonate with today’s streetwear youth.

You can cop the collection from their online store or their Lazada store.

Also, just this weekend, we featured Project 7 to 1 and their latest collection so do check that out too!





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