While there’s no definite time yet as to when we can go out comfortably, watching Netflix shows is one of the things we would most likely do (on top of endless Zoom meetings). It may sound like a bummer that we don’t get to wear our prized kicks for the meantime, but what if there’s a movie that focuses on sneakerheads?

In fact, Complex and Netflix are preparing Sneakerheads to debut on September 25. The Complex Network original production focuses on ex-sneakerhead Devin rekindling his love for sneakers—to the point of joining with his friend Bobby to raise $5000 through a get-rich-quick scheme. All just to secure that mythical pair. 

“The show may be called Sneakerheads but you don’t have to be a collector or even know anything about shoes to relate to what it’s really about,” producer Jay Longino said. “Things like friendship, family, and pursuit of a passion are themes that resonate with everyone.”

Make sure to keep tabs here once it releases on Netflix.

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