There are many things COVID-19 has managed to stop, but the Supreme drop is not one of them. With the Fall/Winter 2020 collection just around the corner, we compiled what we think are the top 15 pieces.

From jackets to t-shirts to accessories, this Supreme drop has a wide selection of new designs and collaborations. This season’s release even includes a spin to one of Supreme’s most recognizable pieces, the box logo hoodie. Check out our list below and stay until the end to see the newest piece to add to Supreme’s growing list of “weird” collaborations.


Cross Box Logo Hooded Sweatshirt

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Polartec Half-Zip Pullover

Big Arc Crewneck

With several sweatshirts apart from the upcoming drop, the Cross Box Logo Hooded Sweatshirt is expected to be the hottest item. Like every box logo, this piece will be sure to sell out within minutes of release. Other than this, the Polartec Half-Zip Pullover and Big Arc Crewneck are viable options to flex the brand. While the Half-Zip Pullover dons the Supreme box logo, the Big Arc Crewneck spells out the brand name with chenille appliqué.


Chains Quilted Jacket

Aerial Tapestry Harrington Jacket

Reversible Colorblocked Fleece Jacket

The jacket section of this drop carries heat. Paying homage to staples of streetwear culture such as Gianni Versace, New York City, and Piet Mondrian, you’ll be able to rock a piece of history. With the trademark Versace chains, the Chains quilted jacket offers an interesting contrast of gold and green. While the Aerial Tapestry Harrington Jacket blends the landscape of the location of Supreme’s first store with their famous box logo. Lastly, a Piet Mondrian inspired design can be found on the Reversible Colorblocked Fleece Jacket if you’re looking to rock something with a little more color.


Pharoah Sanders Tee

Tire Tee

Nuova York Tee

American jazz saxophonist, Pharoah Sanders is found on the graphic of this drops top t-shirt. Other than that, a bright orange t-shirt with a black tire is also part of this upcoming drop. Similar to the Aerial Tapestry Harrington Jacket, our last t-shirt pick pays respect to New York with the text, “Nuova York – Stati Uniti”.


S Logo Sweatpant

Big Logo Paneled Sweatpant

LSD Spells Sweatpant

Varying pant designs are a part of this drop as well, from a simple grey with red “S” design to a louder collage of images found in the LSD Spells Sweatpant. This means you have a wide range of options when planning which piece to cop. If you’d like to rock something in between, the Big Logo Paneled Sweatpant maybe your pick as it has one main color throughout and still spells out the brand name.


Supreme/Jacob & Co Time Zone 40mm and 47mm Watches

Water Resistant Backpack

Supreme/Colgate Toothpaste

Now for the accessories! Possibly the most exciting part of every Supreme drop. This Fall/Winter 2020 release includes a wide range of accessories such as Supreme/Jacob & Co Time Zone Watches in 40mm and 47mm, a Water Resistant Backpack, and the newest item on Supremes weird collaboration list: Supremex Colgate Toothpaste!

Are you planning to cop any of the pieces above? Let us know! To check out the other pieces part of this drop, head over to Supreme’s Website and check them out.


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