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Behind every great rapper’s work of art is a great producer. You know, it is what RZA did for the Wu-Tang Clan, what Dr. Dre did to Snoop Dogg, what Sounwave did for Kendrick Lamar, and the list goes on and on. Locally, I’m sure you’ve heard of Gloc 9’s intricate rhymes laced up with atmospheric beats that lay down the foundation for his storied songs. How about Shanti Dope’s hits? Ever sang the hooks with them as you bobbed your head along to it? Well, we’ve got a beatmaker, a producer and the occasional chorus guy in the house y’all. Please welcome: Lester Klumcee Vano AKA Klumcee

It was a rainy Tuesday evening when we got this convo going. This Is Hype Ph loves picking the brains of artists like him and we’re sure you’d like it too. Enjoy…

First off, how did you end up as the de facto DJ for both Gloc 9 and Shanti Dope? How did that come about?

Maybe it’s because we always create the music together. First with Gloc, one time sinama nya ako na magplay ng CDJ sa gig nya. After that he always had me play for him whenever he didn’t need a full band set up. He then eventually went for the DJ setup more often. As for Shanti Dope, I fill in for his DJ whenever he’s not available for shows.

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Was there a hook from any of their songs that you actually sang on? I heard a rumor about this one!

Hahaha! You got me there! That’s for Nadarang, Mau and Normalan for Shanti and KKK for  Gloc. Demo lang talaga dapat yung mga yun para ipakanta sa iba pero nung mga panahon na iyon wala ko mahanap na timbre ng singer na swak. We had a deadline with the label so we had to submit them fast.

What’s the difference when it comes to playing live and recording in the studio?

With live shows, you should be prepared for all the technical concerns you may encounter, at siyempre sa kung anong klaseng event ang sasampahan mo. When it comes to the studio, it’s a bit relaxed—you should be a bit zoned out just so you get a feel of what beat the song needs.

Who are your main influences? You came from a punk metal background right?

My brothers: yung isa kong kuya may punk band sila, tamang Tandem (Recto) tambay days, and yung isa ko pang kuya heavy metal guitar OG sa Cebu.

I have had my dose of underground music. With subgenres like OI to New York Hardcore, Straight Edge, Thrash Metal etc. A cool mix, that’s why I’m pretty well versed in extreme music.


How do you prepare for a show? Do you warm-up? How does it go for you?

I make sure that I’ve got backups for our set just in case something goes wrong with my DJ gear. Things like extra USBs with may minus ones. Sa phone ko meron din akong instrumentals/M1s ng lahat ng kanta na pang-gig nila and nagdadala ako ng extra cables/adapters just in case.

Patrick Briones

When you create a beat, do you vibe off with the rapper or you just do it on your own? How does the process go?

Either way. Sometimes I create a beat first. Minsan dun ko ibase sa idea ng rapper at kung ano babagay na gawing diskarte sa style nila yung gagawin ko na beat.
Most of the time, the beat comes first with me.

Give us your top 3 beatmakers… 3 local, 3 foreign.


Local: Traumatik, Alas ng Beats, Arbie Won

Foreign: Samiyam, Dibiase, Stuts

Any message to our readers and your followers?

Salamat sa paglaan ng oras basahin ito at salamat sa mga nakikinig at tumatangkilik sa mga gawa naming musika. Kayo ang dugo ng eksenang ginagalawan namin. Mabuhay kayo!

Thanks Klumcee! 

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