Lacoste is undoubtedly every tito’s go-to brand, and this iconic brand knows how to adapt to the trending times. Following a high-key collab with Supreme last year, the French brand is teaming up with Japanese retailer Atmos for a hip “Street Tennis” collection.

The collection comprises a new take at Lacoste’s Balsa sneaker, along with fresh versions of Lacoste’s sweatshirts, tees, and polos. Rounding up the collection is a special [email protected] in both 100% and 400% versions.

The Balsa sneaker has a bright neon yellow upper with a texture that reminds us of tennis balls. Various colors accentuate the eyelets, while you get a Lacoste monogram on the sock liner.

The polo shirts and tees come in black, and sport a modern Crocodile logo with Atmos branding beside it. The hoodie has the same logo in an oversized print, though it is only available in white.

Completing the collection is a special [email protected] in both 100% and 400% versions. Both versions have a translucent window on their stomachs with the Atmos logo and contains green stars inside.

The whole collection is dropping on July 3 in Japan, with the sneakers and apparel priced between 10,000 Yen(~Php 4.7k) to 20,000 Yen(~Php 9.3k). The [email protected] set, on the other hand, will be priced at 13,000 Yen (~Php 6.1k).


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